al hansen


a can of silver paint must be splashed outside on the floor
Silver City is a place where everything
is either very slow or very fast
it is like a tableau
it has a very special kind of time
it is different the way a memorial or a plaque
is different from a church or union meeting hall
... ritual is inferred but not practiced
... things are silver. things become silver
... a girl lies in bed and writes a letter home
a girl dictates it to her
the bed is elevated
and higher in back that in front
in a stage prop way
... there may be dancers
there are projections
... a large form of a man
is made with wood and cardboard
hair is newspaper. sunglasses . . .
a giant Andy Warhol is made
... there are aircraft sounds
everyone is covered with news
... a couple has a conversation.


  1. Il y a le texte...mais pas la photo.
    Je crois que je préfère sans texte mais avec photo, tu as raison.

  2. ah ! ah ! ah ! mais c'est justement le propos :
    la photo c'est à toi de l'imaginer ,
    ici il s'agit d'une proposition de performance à lire ou à entendre sans la voir , à toi de t'en faire une image mentale

  3. Avec un tel texte ce n'est pas une mais dix images qui me viennent à l'esprit...

  4. c'est le propos ! donc ça marche à donf' finalement


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