because very sadly mark linkous just died : sparklehorse's babies on the sun

click on the title to watch a sparklehorse video


  1. Est-ce que les artistes se perçoivent comme une oeuvre d'art...hésitant entre création et destruction !
    Il y a quelques semaines c'était Alexander McQueen.

  2. Eva - thanks for posting this. I came across the video when you first posted it on 365blanc; I watched it, and sent it to a friend; it was my friend who told me that Linkous had died.

    It's such a sad thing, all the sadder to be thinking about how much I've liked his music when I heard the news. I think that's for the best - better to be thinking about how beautiful his life's work was than of the tabloid realities of his death.

  3. his very peculiar music is so personnal it really speaks deeply to my soul and mind and sounds incredibly familiar though it really sounds like no one else's
    please , jonathan, excuse my lousy english, i'm actually pretty tired today


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